Sorefs Carpet City has low quality carpet and will not stand behind it....rude and deceitful

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I purchased carpet for my entire house from Soref's about 2 years ago.The carpet did not hold up well at all.

I called the store, to try to find out if there was a warranty. On my first and second calls, I asked to speak with the owner. I was told once that he was not in, a second time that he would call me right back....nothing. I called 7 more times...and each time I asked if someone can help me figure out what brand of carpet I had, and if there was a warranty.

Each time, I was told someone would call. Each time, nobody called. I was told that "Only Tony has that information." I was also told that Tony would call me. This went on for 2 weeks.

Finally, I called one day, and I told my story....again....and the comment was, "Oh, you must be the lady that keeps calling." I said yes, I guess I am. An appointment was made for the following week, for the owner to come to my house and look at my carpet. I left work early, in order to be available. The owner never showed.

No messages, nothing. I called the following day, to let Soref's know what happened. Of course, the owner was not in again, and nobody knew what happened. Finally, I got a call back saying the owner didn't know about the appt, and he would call me back.

Again, no phone call. The people at Soref's have no concern for the service after the sale. They sell cheap carpet and do not stand behind it at all. Not only do they not stand behind it, they have no business class whatsoever.

I spent 2 weeks, calling almost daily. People knew who I was "the woman who keeps calling" yet nobody did anything. Since the owner has no concern for a dissatisfied customer, it would make sense that his other staff treat people so poorly too.

Soref's does have carpet that is a bit cheaper.

However, once you actually do the research to find out how much a similar product would cost, you are better off going to a reputable establishment who you can trust will work with you if there are problems. I would never, never, never recommend or use Soref's carpet again.

They are cheap, and crooked.

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